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I have, over the last 20 years or so, produced far too many images, drawings, paintings and illustrations to document here, even if I wanted to. However, the fact that I no longer have copies or even photos of most of them much simplifies the issue. So presented below, in no particular sequence, are just a bunch of images that I happened to still have around. The motivation or inspiration behind many of them may no longer be clear and they obviously vary greatly in content, style and medium. I make no great claims of them except to say they represent a patchy and chaotic record of some of my past graphical/creative/visual output.
Drawings, sketches & illustrations
Good Foot, painting for party invitation, 1989   lJoan,charcoal and watercolour, 1986

Sketch for Andre Smiles, 2002  Xmas Angel, commissioned for Christmas card, 1988

South of the River, Watercolour sketch, 1989
The fabric paintings
A series of privately commissioned paintings using fabric paint on cotton to create bespoke garments and wall hangings (this represents a small number of the 30+ items that were produced).

Shooting Star 1  Quartet
Broken Hearts Will Mend  Waiting
Tropical, for Pedro
Maybe a cliche, but here they are anyway - acually, most of my nudes usually veered towards abstraction, and I'd forgotten about these little sketches.
Squatting nude, 1988, oil on paper  
Jazz pics
In the early eighties I embarked on a series of portraits of jazz players, some real, some imagined; I painted dozens of them, but most were sold and I only have a few snapshots left to remind me.
Unnamed alto sax player, oil on paper, 1987  Thelonious, watercolour, 1984
Oil study, Bird, 1989
Abstract landscapes

Dreams of Spring, 1989, oil on board  Untitled, 1988, oil on board

  Nice Weather, 1990, oil on board       
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