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World Gold Council Investment Marketing Manager
Jan 2007 - present An extension of the role below, with additional responsibilities for WGC Investment Research and Marketing programme’s indirect marketing strategy, including management of websites and subscriber base; production, distribution and promotion of the programme's research materials; and co-ordination with the programme’s other marketing initiatives, including product (ETF) support. Recently, specifically tasked with design and implementation of marketing and communications campaigns targeting institutional, pension fund and UHNW investors, requiring extensive direct engagement with asset owners and managers, and associated intermediaries (and media).
Feb 2005 - Dec 2006 Research Consultant
Asset allocation and investment research. Data collection, analysis and management, website maintenance, extranet design and maintenance.
Nov 2001 - present IT & Data Management Consultant
Various short-term/temp projects, including:
· Project/content management - overseeing commission, design and implementation of website and CMS for the South London Gallery;
· Design and implementation of vote tabulation and forecasting system for BBC World Service;
· Editing of data analysis course for UN field workers;
· Document/content management and website enhancement for university economics department;
· Co-ordination and design of multi-media training materials for local government arts education project;
· Design and implementation of websites for several small businesses;
· The planning of a joint marketing initiative between software house and leading market data vendor.
Bondclick Ltd. Client Services Manager
Feb 2001 - June 2001 Responsibilities: Planned and implemented client services function of internet-based fixed income trading platform immediately before and after product launch. Tasks included the restructuring of the client acquisition process and development of CRM and help systems. Also established product management process and supervised business analysis team.
Synergy Real-time Systems Ltd. Synergy Real-time produced graphical and technical analysis applications and components for integration with most leading market data feeds and data distribution and display systems.
1999 - Jan 2001 Product & Operations Manager
Responsibilities: As detailed below. Additionally, responsible for day-to-day company operations, recruitment and personnel issues, resource management, budgetary control, etc.
1997 - 1999 Product Manager
Responsibilities: As detailed below, with overall control of product strategy and direction. Oversaw redevelopment of product to exploit new technologies and managed the transition from multi-OS legacy product range to NT-based product strategy. Additionally, responsible for customer management - contract negotiations and ongoing liaison with third parties, client sites, integrators, etc. Also, scheduling and resource allocation issues.
Jan 1993 - 1996 Application Specialist / Customer Services Manager
Responsibilities: Production, marketing and support of real-time analytical/charting software for trading floors, including:
· Testing: Alpha and Beta testing - management of all on-site trials
· Design: Review and revision of functional specifications, with specific focus on operational and GUI design issues
· Documentation: All user documentation including User Guides, Product Descriptions and Technical Overviews. Also, devised and wrote training courses and involved in production of marketing materials (brochures, advertising, and presentation slides etc.)
· Training & Support: training, both ‘informal’ and structured, of technical support staff (internal and third-party) and users; supervision of all support activities - telephone assistance, error reporting, definition and monitoring of SLAs, escalation procedures etc.
· Consultancy: e.g. Audit of user software and data requirements, commissioned by bank’s IT dept.; Production and implementation of training course for VAR; Presentation of introductory charting/analysis seminars for a data vendor’s technical support and sales and marketing staff.
Intelligent Trading Systems Ltd. Application Support Executive
May 1992 - Dec 1992 Responsibilities: Installation, configuration and testing of Neural Network-based real-time decision support system for trading rooms.
DML Trainee Analyst Programmer (work placement)
Jan 1992 - March 1992 Junior C programmer working on data encryption software.
Oct 1984 - Sept 1989 Research Assistant; Administrative Assistant (Record Sales and Distribution); Artist/Painter.
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JM: Although recruited by BondClick only a month before the platform went live, I was able to define and implement all procedures and systems in time to ensure a successful launch. However, I was also soon aware that the company had serious management and governance issues and rapidly negotiated a departure package; the company was 'sold' to its main competitor one month after my departure.
JM: Most of these have been short projects of between 1 week and 3 months duration. Whilst not necessarily representative of my skill set or of any clear career path, they can be taken as indicative of my comfort in - and enjoyment of - cross-functional roles in diverse environments.
JM: At Synergy Real-time Systems I was one of the original employees and rose from testing and arranging all trial installations of the company's core software package to effectively managing most aspects of its day-to-day operations. During the first 5 years, the company grew from start-up to European market leader, with a client base of several thousand positions in trading insitutions in over 15 countries. Having risen as high in Synergy as was possible, I was eager for new challenges and, at the same time, an unfortunate power struggle between my superiors was proving a severe distraction from key operations. Of the roles I was subsequently offered, that at Bondclick, detailed above, promised to offer the most scope for creative thinking and entrepreneurial flair.