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Background Info
Whilst, typically, a profile site such as this only focuses on an individual's positive attributes, I think it only fair that I mention those areas where I know myself to be lacking (this is not an exercise in self-analysis, just an acknowledgement of my current limitations):
- I cannot speak/read another language.
- I cannot play a musical instrument.
- I do not drive.

However, to return to my stronger points, I believe myself to be relatively well-informed and consistently passionate about those things that interest me. In my approach to both work and leisure pursuits I aim to combine attention to detail and logical rigour with imagination and creative flair.

My interest in technology focuses on the use of tools to perform creative or analytical tasks. In a work context, I am drawn to positions and projects that require cross-functional skills - for example, an understanding of process, technology, communication, presentation and documentation when defining and implementing a technical solution to satisfy a business need.


I have produced a separate site dedicated to my music projects/interests.

Art and design

I attempt to maintain some grasp of contemporary art and design, and have a raggedy, although serviceable, knowledge of art history - both, however, are more informed by personal tastes rather than any systematic or comprehensive learning.

On a more mundane and practical level, I have produced a separate site dedicated to my design output.



I have a keen interest in contemporary fiction, both in print and on film. I am also fascinated by film history


As a consequence of my occasional scribblings and frequent cravings for quality crime fiction, in 2001 I found myself co-writing the script for 'Murder Trail, The Night Stalker', a TV drama-documentary later shown on Channel 5 (UK) and The Learning Channel (US). I am hoping to develop more personal/idiosyncratic projects if/when I can find the time.

Current affairs

This seems a foolish and superfluous topic to specify as an area of interest, so let's just say that I read, I watch and I listen.

SCUBA diving
Until recently, my summer breaks were generally spent exploring the tropical waters of SE Asia with the marvellous folks at World-Diving. (I only wish I had time to return to my annual visits.)

Wining and Dining

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