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Cosmic Love & the Joy of Jazz
Cosmic Love & the Joy of Jazz
May 2012
Another compilation moving slightly off the beaten track, this is a selection of organic jazz and jazzy electronica, from the semi-spiritual, thru the sonorous and sensual to the swinging and beat-driven.

Big Soul 6 pt.1 SaturdayBig Soul 6 pt.2 Sunday
BIG Soul 6, parts 1&2, Saturday and Sunday
May 2012
More house music for soul people and so many tunes to squeeze in, the mix is spread over 2 CDs. Inspired also by the recent celebrations of Dr Bob Jones - 45 years as a DJ; I believe he'd be very comfortable with pretty much all of the trax on offer here, and I have been deliberately generous with the gospel house stuff on CD2, as Dr Bob has also always been a supporter of inspirational church-honed vocals.

Spiral TonesDeep Sky Blue
Spiral Tones, Deeper Tones: Deep Sky Blue
March 2012, April 2012
Back to more familiar territory, with a couple of deep house mixes following on directly from those recorded a month or so back (which also indicates the volume of quality digital material readily available). The first mix inclines to trax with dubby elements and the second pays more than a nod to the nu-disco-meets-old-school-house sound that might be perceived as 'falvour-of-the month' but, actually, is fairly timeless.

Space Soul n Bass
Space Soul n Bass
March 2012
A bit of surprise for some, this - a drum n bass mix from me. But it's something I've been thinking of trying for a while and I thoroughly enjoyed putting the mix together. Attempted to fuse those moody, jazzy elements of the genre and its more soul-leaning moments and I'm fairly happy with the results; think they represent how the 'template' I apply to my house mixes sounds when drawing from a different sonic and rhythmic palette. Same but different... with considerably more drumbeats!

Deep Turquoise BlueDeHavDigiSoulDeep
Deeper Tones: Deep Turquoise Blue, DeHavDigiSoulDeep, Deepest Winter
October 2011, January & February 2012
A set of mixes focusing on strands that were covered in the DeHavilland Deep material but, while still offering sufficient variety and a range of 'textures', these perhaps don't attempt to cover as many bases and are tailored for those inclined to deeper grooves. In fact, the Deepest Winter mix doesn't attempt to keep the soulful headz happy...although I think it still might! (No matter how sparse, twisted and/or dark the mood I start with, I can never avoid throwing in trax with elements of funk and musicality.) This one includes solid trax from Eric Kupper, Kevin Yost, Maya Jane Coles, Ian Pooley, Deetron, Nivek Tsoy and more. But all mixes are good and together represent a fine four hours of proper quality house music.

These mixes also represent the final move into digital territory, with the last 2 sets mixed a long way from the Technics!

SoulVanguard 2
Soul Vanguard 2
February 2012
Of course it ain't all about the 4/4... Over 2 years since I put the first volume together, but here's another selection of atmospheric independent neo (or is it nu) soul / soul-inspired tunes. Featuring underground and under-rated stars of a variety of shades and flavours - Coultrain, Slakah the Beatchild, Jess Boykins III, Dwele, Kylie Auldist - offering a range of slinky low-slung grooves perfect for sunday lounging.

Big Soul2Big Soul3Big Soul4Big Soul5
BIG SOUL 2, 3, 4 & 5 - more house music for soul people
Spring, Summer 2010, August & November 2011
I've decided to keep the vocal house flag flying with regular mixes of soul-drenched grooves and songs sung by folks who really can sing. Almost too much quality material to keep up with, so now plan a mix every other month.

DeHavilland Deep 3 & 4
April 2010 & July 2011
Over a year between these two but they sit well together, combining an eclectic selection of housey stuff, with the usual tinge of old school elements. Avoiding the obvious, but still accessible and funky.

DeHavilland Deep 2
January 2010
First mix of the new decade and, again, a bunch of recent tunes that I thought too good to pass over or file away. I only put this together last night, so I've still not had chance to give it a proper airing, but all shades of proper house music are touched upon... hints of soul and jazz, but tech-edged elements are there too, and the mix deliberately gravitates towards deeper-tinged vibes.

RealDealSoulSides - rarities and gems from back in the day
December 2009
Moving well away from this new fangled dance music stuff and scouring the crates for a selection for true old soul boys and girls only. A treasure trove (if I do say so myself) of real rare grooves, slinky soul and (previously) hard-to-find funky faves from several decades back.

December 2009
I've had simply too many good new tunes coming and this follows on well from the preceding mixes combining deeper elements and some of that old school, back-to-basics house vibe that seems popular at the moment, with space for some soulful stuff too.

CaliFUNKi - swingin' west coast house grooves
November 2009
I've made good use of the delay in our building project to put together a mix I've been thinking of for some time: a selection of oh-so-funky swinging choppy house from the Sunshine State. I've managed to squeeze in 15 tracks of solar powered funk, driven along by some inspired old school soul samples and potent hip-shaking beats which are stitched together to give the a mix real party feel.

DeHavilland Deep 1
DeHavilland Deep - house music from our house
November 2009
As I'm due to pack away the dex and discs any day now, as we prepare for the major rebuild and refurb of HQ, I thought there's just time for another mix or two of recent quality releases that caught my attention but looked in danger of disappearing under the radar. I've been listening to this for a few weeks on the iPod and pleased that it captures the right balance of energy, depth and atmosphere while still offering diversity in track selection.

September 2009
Again, almost a year since the last instalment of new-ish tunes and I had a mountain of vinyl to choose from. In the end, I tried to go back to the original idea of the FRESH! series - mostly new releases which showcase both the breadth and range of authentic house music, from vocal stuff to trackier grooves, and their common foundations of funk, soul and jazz.

Soul Vanguard1BigSoul
SOUL Vanguard,
BIG SOUL - house music for soul people
Summer 2009
The first is a compilation of slightly left-field nu-soul, with hints of jazz and electronica thrown in for good measure. Cool tunes for lounging and listening. The second is a mix of full voiced, big-boned soulful house - of a type now seemingly squeezed from most playlists, but a good vocal and song are nothing to be ashamed of and these move and swing in all the right places. (The mix ends with a couple of cheeky booties from Franck Rogers - not usually something I'd drop into a recorded mix but they work well here, I think.)

Time and Motion
December 2008
In contrast to the FRESH! mixes this is a far deeper and techier excursion - darker, driving grooves but, unlike the mood indigo stuff, barely any hint of a vocal, let alone a song. Yet I think it contains sufficient swing, and contrasting shades, atmosphere and drama to keep you hooked.

Time and Motion
November 2008
Almost a year since the last instalment showcasing (at the time of recording) recent hot new releases and here focusing on sultry soul-house crossover trax.

Mood Indigo 2
mood indigo 2
August 2008
Exactly 2 years since the initial moody mix, and this new selection of deeper, idiosyncratic grooves is a good reminder that the best path is not always the most direct one. Featuring another generous selection of cuts from the master Charles Webster and others that are no strangers to subtlety and atmosphere. Maybe offers a bit more funk and generates a bit more heat than the first instalment, but still represents a darker shade of house music than most of the other mixes featured on this page.

DeHavilland Groove
DeHavilland Groove
Spring 2008
Celebrating our move East and new home - a lively soulful party mix (recorded live at the housewarming party), featuring plenty of favourite artists/producers: Migs, Papp, Fudge and many more from the premier league of proper house music.

November 2007
More sophisticated house music for grown-ups (who are still drawn to the dancefloor), melodic but funky. Here, the vocal tracks avoid the big diva-esque stuff, but are still uplifting.

fresh!4 fresh!5 fresh!6
November 2006, March 2007 & May 2007
Three more instalments of the best in recent deep, soulful house music; now two years since the first selection and following a similar pattern, moving from gentler and melodic tracks to the more funky stuff. And plenty of vocal trax too, particularly in the case of volumes 5 and 6, for those that appreciate the soul and gospel roots of house.

lazy - sunday afternoon selection
lazy: mellow tunes for sunday afternoons
December 2006
A move away from the dance stuff for an eclectic selection of laid back loveliness, soundtracking our vacation in sunny NZ.

Vibe Thing 3
October 2006
Another fine selection of jazz-tinged house grooves.

mood indigo - sept. 2006
mood indigo: deeper shades
September 2006
A smooth, moody and occasionally melancholic mix of deeper grooves, some new, some not so new. I often kick off a mix with one or two of these tracks, now here's a whole CD's worth. A fine selection of stripped-down tracks from giants of the genre such as Charles Webster, Trentmoeller, and Herbert. Dark chocolate rather than candy!

FRESH!3: summer sounds
July 2006
The third volume of FRESH! tunes and it sits very nicely alongside the others, again presenting some of the best recent releases (but generally avoiding the obvious), covering the spectrum of deep and soulful house, from the lush 'n' languid to the spirited and funky.

Priory Groove 2 - spring 2006
PRIORY GROOVE 2: the spring session
May 2006
The second volume in praise of Priory Grove and again inspired by the change in season. So, whilst following my usual path from the deep and mellow to the more energetic, this mix is also unabashedly light and optimistic in tone.

VibeThing vol.2
VIBE THING 2 - more jazz house music power
May 2006
Nearly 18 months after the first instalment but hopefully well worth the wait; like its predecessor, this mix is for those that hanker after the jazzier side of house. Featuring some of the heroes of the genre, such as Glenn Underground, Osunlade, and the deeply under-rated Fudge. Now all my mixes feature some of this stuff, but it is represented here in maybe less diluted form, with great heaps of percussion and creative instrumentation, although there's a decent smattering of subtle soulful vocals too.

FRESH! vol.2
April 2006
Spring returns and with it a sunny mix of breezy house grooves, with a sprinkling of recent classics amongst the spritely new releases.

Priory Groove 1
Sonidos del Sol
December 2005
Another (unmixed) compilation that offers a subtle blend of latin and jazz-tinged grooves...as so often around this time, I feel the need to bring a little tropical warmth to the mid-winter gloom.

Priory Groove 1
PRIORY GROOVE 1: the autumn session
November 2005
First in an occasional series celebrating our new HQ. Retains the usual generous dollops of soul and jazz but with a more mellow sense of depth and shadow to capture the change in season.

June 2005
A compilation (rather than a mix) of 'jazz-kissed, beach-bronzed beats', as it say on the label, and that's a fair description. Combining nu-jazz, deep house, and subtle latin dance, all tailor-made for twitching your toes in the sand as you soak up the sun.

FRESH! spring vibes
March 2005

Oh yes! Combining all that I love about grown-up house music: a smooth but eventful ride crammed with jazzy vibes, atmosphere and chunky swinging grooves. Maybe my best yet.

Saturday Night Sunshine
February 2005

Following on from the Winter Sunshine mix but here blending the soulful stuff with a more upfront main room vibe full of energy and drama. And consists solely of recent releases from unswervingly fine artists (Physics, Rasmus Faber, The Audiowhores) and labels (subUrban, Soulfuric, deVice, King Street).

winter Deep Heat
winter DEEP HEAT
January 2005

Taking a less obvious route, this atmospheric but always funky selection has a distinct West Coast/San Fran flavour, featuring Kaskade, Demarkus Lewis, Mazi, RaSoul and a whole bunch of others.

Vibe Thing
VIBE THING - afro latin jazz house music power vol. 1
November 2004

Fresh afro-latin infused jazzy house - some old, some new - with tracks and mixes from the likes of DJ Fudge, Kenny Dope, Jimpster, and The Audiowhores.

Winter Sunshine
October 2004

Bringing a little warmth and light to those chill gloomy nights. Focusing on vocal house, starting off deep and mellow, then moving to a funkier groove.

Right On
RIGHT ON - righteous soul, funk and jazz grooves
July 2004

Digging deeper to unearth a gritty selection of funky tracks from way back when.

JM vs Soleal
April 2004

Edit of JM's main room set for Soleal - an energetic blend of bumpy afro-latin and chunky funky house.

A Deep Miscellany
A DEEP MISCELLANY - eclectic lounge grooves
September 2003

From the melodic to the downright moody, a mixed bag of barroom grooves, ranging from subtle broken beats to lush deep house; one for the more sophisticated listener.

Coming soon (well, maybe not so soon, but eventually): a selection of samples, breaks, loops and FX... and check out NUSA Records
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