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Having worked with an internet-based trading platform and also managed a number of web-based projects, I was interested in some of the design issues and decided to acquire a little hands-on experience. Moving from the City, I worked briefly as Project and Content Manager overseeing the commission and implementation of the South London Gallery's acclaimed website and CMS, designed, developed and managed by the extremely talented folk at Hyperkit.

I then got to grips with a few tools and have since designed and implemented a number of sites for small businesses and other clients (some of which are listed below). One of my basic design principles is to attempt to make minimal demands of the viewer/user but to use interactive elements to make the pages a relatively stimulating experience. To ensure each site has a unique style, I aim to handcraft every graphic element (although, obviously, if maintaining or enhancing an existing site, one is often constrained, or at least directed, by a predefined style set).

However, perhaps the best examples of my work are to be found here - that is, on the pages that comprise JMNet.

Nusa Jewellery  

Claudine Hamp - Interior Design
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Sibona Decorative Textiles
I cannot claim credit for the initial design of this database-driven, ASP-based site, but I am responsibile for recent revisions and its current state.
Sibona Decorative Fabrics
Yllera Translations
Music Inc.
School of Oriental & African Studies - Economics Staff Pages
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